We’ve both been in the “change agent” business for our entire careers. We share a deep interest and passion for influencing people to consider making important changes, and for supporting them as they tackle that change. Our clients used to be primarily individuals; now they are organizations and agencies whose staff are change agents themselves.

As individual trainers and consultants we have long offered workshops on a variety of subjects, including Motivational Interviewing.  Our shared understanding of the process of change allowed us to partner together as Motivational Interviewing instructors. Their collaboration inspired the development of a Motivational Interviewing Coaching Intensive program for probation officers, treatment providers, caseworkers, and other change agents.  We’ve also created a curriculum for PA Commonwealth Judges and Masters, which we’d like to provide to other states as well.  Individually and as co-trainers they have offered M.I. training to thousands of learners.

Their latest endeavor includes a Motivational Interviewing Workbook for professionals.  It is for use by M.I. coaches, supervisors, and/or individuals in practicing and enhancing M.I. skills in themselves and others.  The workbook is a culmination of their extensive Motivational Interviewing training experience, as well as the 60+ combined years of professional experience they bring to the table. This workbook will be available soon, and is just one of a variety of products that Barb and Marilyn will be making available to you.

As experts in the field of change, Barb and Marilyn know that the services and products being offered, along with a variety of valuable topics and tips to be covered in the website, will Empower, Evoke and Evolve your understanding of Motivational Interviewing and other topics.


Meet the Trainers



Barbara Orr


Barbara Orr has been conducting workshops for over twelve years, with audiences that include juvenile and adult probation officers, treatment facility staff, professional organizations, schools districts, colleges, and businesses.  She has over 30 years of experience working with adolescents and families as a residential counselor, juvenile probation officer, adolescent and family therapist, supervisor of juvenile justice programs, and staff trainer.  She now provides training and consultation full-time.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Shippensburg University and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University.  She received specialized family therapy training at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Resource Center.  She serves as an adjunct professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at Millersville University.

Workshop topics include Adolescent Development, Conducting Adolescent Groups, Forming a Partnership with Parents, Taking Care of Yourself as a Helper, Solution-Oriented Counseling, Diversity and Inclusion, among others. During the past seven years, she has specialized in Motivational Interviewing training and consultation to probation officers, juvenile detention staff, residential facility staff, administrators, supervisors, and judges.

Barb is the mother of three adult children and lives in Lancaster, PA.  She especially enjoys reading, travel, theater, gardening, hiking, camping, music, history, and family time.



Marilyn Stein


Marilyn Stein is a respected trainer in the field of Behavioral Change. She offers workshops on topics including Motivational Interviewing, Addiction, Trauma-informed Care and Cultural Competence.  Her audiences include Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers from most treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, Judges, Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers, Teachers, Grassroots organizations and others.

She provides consultation and team development for businesses and a variety of social service organizations.  She teaches Addiction in the Social Work Department of Millersville University and facilitates a Domestic Violence Batterers Group.

Marilyn assisted in the establishment of specialty courts in Pennsylvania and served as a trainer for the National Drug Court Institute. She currently serves on the Pennsylvania Certification Board of Directors and is on the Advisory Board for Treatment Trends in Allentown.

Marilyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Millersville University and earned her Master’s Degree in Training and Development from Penn State University in 1997. She has over 35 years of experience in the field including 20 years in the Lancaster County Adult Probation Department where she supervised 17 Adult Probation Officers. She retired from Lancaster County in 2002 to pursue her training and consulting business.

Marilyn hails from Cooperstown, NY and now resides in Lancaster PA with her husband and three cats.