Hello from Barbara

As we share information, teach concepts and skills, and seek to empower helping professionals in their efforts to be effective change agents, we know we are also part of a collective effort to empower many others in turn, and this is gratifying.

Marilyn and I are excited to begin this venture in reaching an even wider audience of folks who are open to growing both professionally and personally.

Our work individually and together these past few years in presenting the skills and concepts of Motivational Interviewing has increased our awareness of how this effective, efficient, evidence-based communication approach is so broadly useful for people – both in their work with clients and in their personal lives. What a bonus!

So we begin this website venture with a specific focus on Motivational Interviewing, along with products that augment and enhance professionals’ finesse in using this approach – starting with a Motivational Interviewing Workbook, which we hope to available in early Spring, 2016.

Over time, we’ll be developing more workshops that integrate Motivational Interviewing with other topics and approaches, as well as other tools that can help you in your work.

Meantime, we thank you for your interest in our website, the services we provide, and your own commitment to professional growth. Naturally, all of these endeavors enhance our own growth, and for that we are grateful.

Evoke, empower, evolve. That is our tagline, because that is the focus of this journey we are on, and we welcome you to join us.

~ Barb ~