Motivational Interviewing:  A Workbook for Change Agents

By Barbara Orr and Marilyn Stein


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For “change agents” with either a rudimentary or a more advanced knowledge of what Motivational Interviewing is and does, this workbook provides increased understanding of and confidence in using this important evidence-based communication approach.

Social workers, probation officers, caseworkers, and other direct-service providers will benefit from the overall review of concepts and terms, and from the practical exercises that allow for direct application. It can be used either as a self-guided review and activity tool, or in a group setting facilitated by Motivational Interviewing Coaches and supervisors as a means to increase fidelity of this approach in professionals’ daily interactions with clients.

Motivational Interviewing has proven to be significantly effective in connecting with and influencing clients to think about, talk about, and step into change. We hope you’ll use this workbook to help that happen.

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ISBN  9781365169786
Copyright Barbara Orr and Marilyn Stein (Standard Copyright License)
Edition   First Edition
Publisher  eVision
Published  October 2, 2016
Language English
Pages 106
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Interior Ink Black & white
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