Motivational Interviewing Coaching Intensive Workshop


Research is indicating that on-staff coaches are imperative in integrating M.I. skills in everyday use with clients. To that end, we’re so pleased to continue offering our Coaching workshop, especially having received much highly-positive feedback regarding its usefulness.  Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based communication approach that is significantly effective in moving resistant clients toward change (and in reducing staff burnout!).

Objectives of this workshop are to understand more about the process of human change, understand the ‘spirit’ of M.I., more fully learn the principles and skills involved, learn various practice and assessment tools, and develop coaching skills to utilize with colleagues.

This three-day, highly-interactive workshop helps professionals who’ve had introductory training in M.I. fine-tune their skills and prepare to return to the workplace as a “coach” to help others fully integrate M.I. into their daily work. (Note: If your staff has not yet received initial Motivational Interviewing training, we are available to provide that, as well.)

The workshop incorporates a combination of didactic teaching, whole-group and small-group exercises, role-play, coding practice, real-life scenario application, and open discussion. It concludes with participants designing a specific, feasible plan to return to their staff and begin the coaching process.

We regularly facilitate this three-day workshop at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. It includes a full buffet breakfast each day, as well as tasty Lancaster County-inspired afternoon snacks! The lovely ambience of the Eden Resort is a treat to human service professionals.

We also offer this workshop on-site, if a facility or organization is able to provide a full roster of participants, along with the venue.

The next three-day Motivational Interviewing Coaching Intensive Workshop will be held on December 18, 19, and 20, 2017 at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA.

Several slots are still available.

Please click here to view/print the registration form or contact either Barb Orr or Marilyn Stein directly for more information.

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Motivational Interviewing Practical Applications for Judges and Masters


Because Judges and Masters play such a pivotal role in the experience that people have with the court system, communication with these defendants and clients has the potential to be highly influential in regard to change.

This Motivational Interviewing workshop for Judges and Masters teaches this evidence-based communication approach in a way that is practical and specific to the kinds of interactions that take place in the courtroom.

Motivational Interviewing is broadly applicable. Essentially, it is a strategic communication style that helps individuals develop a commitment to change by facilitating their recognition of problem behavior, and by encouraging them to “build their own case for change”. It incorporates the “stage of change” a client is in as a guide to the kind of questioning and responses that will be useful. Effective open-ended questions, affirmations, and clarifying reflections and summarizations are the core skills of this approach.

It is a decidedly non-adversarial, non-confrontational means of harnessing a client’s intrinsic motivation by helping them see discrepancies in what they present. It helps to resolve ambivalence about change. It helps initiate change by tapping into clients’ own intrinsic values and goals. It fosters a spirit of collaboration and evocation, while recognizing an individual’s autonomy. It incorporates compassion as a means to build rapport and increase influence. It steers us away from things that tend to be counter-productive: lecturing, a confrontational style, arguing, persuasive tactics. It increases client compliance, “change talk”, and openness.

Participants attending this workshop will get ample time to learn the basic tenets of Motivational Interviewing, as well as to practice – in individual, group, and whole-audience formats – the variety of skills associated with the approach. Audience members will be prepped to be able to easily apply M. I. skills immediately upon returning to their workplace.

There are no Motivational Interviewing Practical Applications for Judges and Masters workshops available at this time.